Bella Baskets

Bella Baskets

Bella Baskets, gateway to the Humbolicious where you will find most all of your favorite local Humboldt specialty gourmet foods and more. We carry a large variety of small production specialty foods ranging from gourmet olive oil, gourmet sauces to salt water taffy, caramel popcorn, cookies and jerky snacks. All from different regions of Northern California and the North West coast. All can be beautifully arranged in hand-woven willow basket, topped with an elegant silk hand made bow. Don’t need a basket? It’s okay, take it all to go!

Enjoy giving local! Our local culinary artists create, perfect and deliver fresh in person to our store located here in the historic old town Eureka. Most of the time the jars are still warm! Freshly baked, freshly cut and packed with the labels applied usually by hand!

From their hands to our hands and soon to be in your hands. Feel free to ask about our Organic and Gluten Free/Sugar free selection too!


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311 E Street (in Old Town Eureka)
Eureka, California 95501