What We Do:

We connect. We network. We collaborate. We promote.

Our Mission


Humboldt Made grows the local economy by helping our member companies thrive in markets beyond the redwood curtain.


Humboldt Made was initiated by the County of Humboldt in 2010 to spur the growth of a diverse array of makers and producers. The idea was to bring entrepreneurs together, identify their common strengths and weaknesses and through networking and collaboration overcome obstacles and achieve great things together. Creating brand awareness and increased sales beyond Humboldt’s borders was key, the end result being a sustainable, local economy.

Combining energy and resources, Humboldt Made organizes buyer’s tours where nearly twenty companies have been signed on to companies such as Whole Foods, Safeway, and Harvest Market, among others. We also facilitate co-operative attendance at outside trade shows and one-on-one distributor meetings, initiatives that would be far too expensive for one business to do on their own. Efforts such as these are a few examples of how Humboldt Made uniquely serves Humboldt’s entrepreneurial community.

Originally funded by the County’s Headwaters Fund and member dues, Humboldt Made struck out on its own under the auspices of the Humboldt Area Foundation and became its own 501 c3 in 2015. The result has been to make Humboldt Made far more nimble and responsive to member needs and opportunities.

Board of Directors


Chair: Don Banducci, Marketing Consultant and Former Founder of Yakima

Don Banducci is a Humboldt Made man. Thirty years ago, he and his cohorts made Yakima a household name, and it all happened from Humboldt County. This wildly successful enterprise taught Don about long-term competitiveness on local, national, and global levels. Safe to say, Don knows business. More specifically, Don knows how businesses can operate within and outside of Humboldt County.  Now serving as Chair and Marketing Consultant for Humboldt Made, Don uses his experience, pragmatic insight, and natural éclat for public relations to help guide and develop the diverse industry clusters in Humboldt County. He continues to notice a pattern of success with Humboldt Made businesses that strive to offer top-quality, best-in- class products—their value and authenticity shine through.

Board Members


Clint Victorine, Eel River Organic Beef and Pacific Pastures Grassfed Beef

Clint and his brand of organic, grass-fed beef can be found in stores and restaurants from Alaska to Southern California under the label, Eel River Organic Beef – its name a testament to its crucial geographical location of Clint’s home region, Humboldt County. Clint asserts that it is the very environment of Humboldt County which has allowed him to raise his cattle on high- quality green grass from start to finish. He not only appreciates the beauty and value in the land he uses, but works hard to protect it. Clint has brought together independent ranchers, implemented successful land rehabilitation projects, and educated kids and adults alike about the importance of knowing where their food comes from. His skills as a community organizer as well as his passion to nourish the land and community of Humboldt County has made him a vital asset of the Humboldt Made Board of Directors.

Denise Vanden Bos

Denise Vander Bos
Denise made her home in Humboldt County over 35 years ago. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and worked for two decades in the non-profit sector as a fundraiser, leader, and cornerstone. She has served on a myriad of boards and committees, and currently holds the position of HSU’s Director of Project Development for Professional Studies, where she uses her expertise in grant writing, donor stewardship, and logistical sagacity to connect students with businesses in the community.Fellow educationalist, Chris Gaines, was well-familiar with Denise’s ability to streamline organizational procedures and discover long-lasting, meaningful solutions, so a few months ago he asked her to join the Humboldt Made Board of Directors. Denise says it was easy to say yes to an organization that is clearly doing good things for the community. Denise brings her wealth of directorial skills and wisdom to the team, and hopes to continue developing Humboldt Made as it grows in the county and beyond.
John McClurg

John McClurg, Fire & Light

John McClurg has been an anchor in the Humboldt County community for several years; first, as an accountant with his own firm, then, in 1999, as the operational owner of the innovative company Fire & Light. John’s involvement with Fire & Light showcases his community-minded energy and focus on high-quality craftsmanship—the perfect combination for the Humboldt Made board of directors. John brings his logistical skills and business acumen to the Humboldt Made round table, and lauds the organization as an “opportunity giver:” a chance for local businesses to network and learn from each other, from sharing ideas about shipping and social media, to combining products for special offerings, or merging resources to attend a tradeshow. As Fire & Light continues to set the world ablaze with their products, John is confident that Humboldt Made will allow other local businesses to go where they have never gone before.

Meredith Maier, Six Rivers Brewery

Meredith is the proud co-owner, brew house coordinator, and trailblazing beer distributor of Humboldt County’s Six Rivers Brewery. She and her hardworking family of brew masters, kitchen staff, and production crew have been serving up original, high-quality brews, great food, and local entertainment to the people of Humboldt County and beyond. Meredith’s insight and extensive experience with out-of- county marketing has made her a great addition to the Humboldt Made Board of Directors. She cites the Humboldt Made brand as a socially-conscious source of professional inspiration, connection, and incubation, and loves the “community first” approach of its member businesses. Her passion for Humboldt Made comes as no surprise as she has a long track record of involvement Humboldt Community. When she’s not making Six Rivers Brewery a household name, you can find her organizing countless fundraisers for the Sequoia Humane Society, NorCal Pet Rescue, and working as the NorCal Chapter Leader of Pink Boots Society.

Tera Spohr, Mad River Brewing Company

Tera has been involved with the Mad River Brewing Company for about a decade, and has done just about everything in that time. She’s worked sales, accounting, managed the tasting room, worked on the bottling line, and, in the last four years, has been using her talents as Marketing Director. Her time with Humboldt Made has almost mirrored her progression with the tightly knit brewery—she has been involved with Humboldt Made since its beginning, and joined the board a little over three years ago. Tera’s love and dedication to Humboldt County is obvious, and she particularly loves the community support that springs from Humboldt Made. To her, the success of local business is a result of passion, creativity, and collaboration—each member business shares a love for their craft, and Humboldt Made is the vehicle which allows them to not only grow their business within the county, but to take that craft beyond its borders.
Cedar Ruben

Cedar Ruben - Humboldt Investments

Cedar Ruben claims he “fell into” his recurrent role of small business development in Humboldt County, but it seems he has a natural knack for finding diamonds in the rough. As a longtime Humboldt County resident and HSU graduate, Cedar has been focused on meaningful local economic development for over two decades, serving as a board member with the Headwaters Fund, Workforce Development Board, and most recently, Humboldt Made. Cedar’s passion for Humboldt County is palpable, and his enthusiasm for Humboldt Made is equally evident: he is an active, forward-looking board member, confident that Humboldt Made has the potential to not only continue its upward course but go even further with other industry clusters. “Most Humboldt Made businesses are on the upper end of the niche they occupy,” he says matter-of- factly, “You cannot do what we do without Humboldt. Place matters.”
Alanna Powell


Executive Director: Alanna Powell

Alanna Powell comes from a long line of creative entrepreneurs which has made her a natural fit for Humboldt Made.  Her innovative background instilled within her a passion for small business development and a heart for community collaboration and connection.  Years ago, this enthusiasm joined forces with the vision of former HM director, Angeline Schwab, and Alanna’s relationship with Humboldt Made began—first serving as a volunteer, then as a board member, and now as Executive Director. Alanna draws inspiration from Humboldt County and her critical understanding of the link between a place and its people has prepared her to support the unique challenges that come with the resource-rich, rural Humboldt County.  Her advocacy of local business, support of the community, and team-centered collaboration with board members is unwavering and those who work with her comment on her passion, dedication, and follow-through.  Alanna and her team are dedicated stewards of Humboldt County and its industry clusters; together, with the community, they guide, nurture, and share the Humboldt Made brand within and beyond our borders.




Marketing Committee

Bill Prescott - Marketing Communications, Sun Valley Floral

Charlie Jordan - Co-Owner Kinetic Koffee

Don Banducci - Marketing Consultant

Amber Madrone -  Marketing Director, Wildberries Marketplace

Interested in joining the Marketing Committee? Email info (at) humboldtmade.com