Liberty CBD

Family-owned and based in Humboldt, The Liberty CBD Oil Company is committed to bringing you the best CBD products on the market. Co-owned by a 2nd Generation Humboldt Native, we pride ourselves on creating naturally powerful CBD products. 

Liberty CBD Oil is an ultra concentrated hemp-derived CBD oil: Just one milliliter of our pure oil contains 50 mg of active, full-spectrum cannabidiol. Our oil is 100% organic and made from estate-grown hemp without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Liberty CBD products are natural, healing and good for your overall health and well being. 

Being based in the heart of the cannabis industry, we understand there's a lot of noise and hype out there these days about CBD. Rest assured, we've done the hard work, countless lab tests and endless hours of research so we may bring you premium products with the tremendous potential to heal, and even cure, a variety of health conditions.

When you purchase from The Liberty CBD Oil Company you can be confident you're buying one of the most trusted brands of CBD on the market today. 


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