Winnett Vineyards 

Between the Pacific Coastal Mountain Range and the Trinity Alps lies the picturesque Winnett Vineyards--in the wild majesty of Humboldt County, California.  The oldest bonded winery in the Willow Creek appellation, Winnett Vineyards is family-owned and organically certified.  Truly a family affair in involving several generations, we craft all of our elegant, estate-bottled wines by hand including our Sauvingnon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Winnett Vineyards

The story of Winnett Vineyards began about 35 years ago when we fell in love with Northern California on trips from the prairies of Illinois to the mountains of Humboldt County. The remote and beautiful wilderness captured our hearts and minds, and we knew that someday we would make it our home. Little did we know then, however, that our home in the mountains would involve growing grapes and making these really delicious wines! Ah life! Isn’t it a kick?  At any rate, today we are both retired from careers in education and are fulfilling our dreams of living here in the place that captured our hearts so many years ago. Even though, really, wasn’t it just yesterday?

We are so happy that the trips we took with our family driving across America year after year to our beloved Humboldt County paid off in that both of our children, David Lee and Erin, also made the exodus west. David Lee and his family are living in the Bay Area and visit often to help us do everything from planting grapes to pouring wine at festivities held at the winery.  Daughter Erin lives in Sonoma County and shares her love of the outdoors, knowledge of growing things, and business savvy with us every time she travels north.

Of course, what vineyard would be complete without a trusted and loyal vineyard dog? Our constant companion in the vineyard and winery is our beloved, “Ally McBrownie” (“Ally” to her closest friends), a Golden Retriever who has the heart of a gentle goddess. When you visit us, Ally will greet you with the eagerness of a newborn puppy and will be your friend from the moment she meets you.

We invite you to visit us here, on our website, and we look forward to meeting you, one day, face to face in Willow Creek at the vineyard. We eagerly anticipate sharing our love of this remarkable place and the wines we create here with you and invite you to become part of our family. We hope that you will visit us again and again. After all, that is what families do, is it not?