Lots of room to roam and a stress-free lifestyle—that’s part of what makes Humboldt a great place to live. It also makes it a great place to raise some of country’s best beef.

Ranchers like Clint Victorine of Eel River Organic Beef know that letting cattle graze on the ryegrass and clover pastures of Northwest California is better for the environment. To begin with, there’s no need for fertilizer or frequent irrigation. In fact, our area’s mild summers and frequent fog give us a 310+ day growing season for our cattle’s grazing pleasure.

Plus, letting cattle graze freely on rain-fed pastures helps avoid many of the problems that plague large-scale cattle operations - like air and water pollution, use of hormones, and crowded living conditions for the animals.

The result is a fine cut of beef that will not only please the most discriminating, eco-conscious palate, it’s downright healthy too. Grass-fed beef has been shown to contain more essential Omega-3 fatty acids and is richer in vitamins E, C and beta-carotene.

Humboldt beef is processed in two ways. The folks at Eel River Organic Beef have partnered with the locally owned Redwood Meat Company, who take the time to process beef the old-fashioned way - by hand. Meanwhile, the ranchers at Humboldt Grassfed Beef hand their product over to small-scale markets and their trained butchers.

However you can get it, you’ll be happy you did.