Henry's Olives 


In 1993 Henry Robertson picked up a crate of raw, fresh-picked olives at the Northcoast Coop in Arcata, CA. He cured them, following a recipe in the crate. The result surprised Henry and the olives were well received by his family and friends. For a few years he continued to cure olives, altering the recipe, experimenting, and sharing them with his family and friends.  Each year the demand for Henry's olives grew. Co-workers and friends of friends began asking for them, buying olives for themselves and as gifts.  As the demand for his olives grew, so did the need for curing space. In 2003 Henry’s woodworking shop was renovated. This 625 ft2 space is the current home of Henry’s Olives, a cottage industry that cures over four tons of olives per year. Henry’s Olives are cured in small batches and are never canned, resulting in the quality and freshness you get when you bite into one of Henry’s olives.