Humboldt Harvest

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Flourishing from personal experience and a passion for natural ingredients, Humboldt Harvest cultivates healing remedies for a better quality of life.

As a mom, surfer, and traveler, the founder of Humboldt Harvest knows that life’s passions require a healthy body. Esther’s Paleo recipes pair the highest quality cannabis oil with a love of creating delicious and nourishing food. Her foodicinals, body care products, and herbal tinctures are a testament to the harmonious balance of plant nutrients and ingredients. Blossoming with a vision of wellness for both the body and the earth, Humboldt Harvest uses environmentally sustainable Humboldt County cannabis to create premium, natural, and non-psychoactive solutions. 

Humboldt Harvest is dedicated to combining whole foods, herbs, and organically grown cannabis medicine to serve the needs of those seeking wellness and a better quality of life. Our commitment to excellence and integrity guides every part of our business. You'll see what we mean when you try any one of our award winning products.