Humboldt Herbals

Humboldt Herbals is dedicated to finding the most vibrant and healing herbal remedies available. It began as a mail order catalog in the Pacific Northwest in 1998. A retail store in Old Town Eureka, California soon followed in 2001. Humboldt Herbals is a full-service herbal apothecary, stocking over 400 organic and ethically wildcrafted medicinal herbs, teas and spices. Our highly skilled herbalists offer each customer personalized guidance and support in selecting the most appropriate herbal remedies. Our selection includes organic tea blends, aromatherapy, flower/vibrational essences, tinctures, salves, oils, organic body care and more. You can also find everything you need to make your own herbal medicines and body care products at home. Humboldt Herbals specializes in organic handmade herbal products, and we never put anything “on the shelf” that we haven’t tried ourselves. You can always be certain that our herbs are the highest quality available, and that the products we sell really work.