Tips for Creating the Perfect Humboldt Dinner Party

Tips for Creating the Perfect Humboldt Dinner Party

By Katherine Oakes

When it comes to throwing the perfect Humboldt dinner party, there really isn’t too much to think about. After all, Humboldt Made is all about good food and even better company, and those two things together are easy when the food is from Humboldt and the people are ones you love most. However, even though the equation is an easy and simple one, there are plenty of ways to make your dinner party an enjoyable and unforgettable night. Whether you are hosting or just helping out, we’ve found the best tips for creating the perfect Humboldt dinner party.


Pick Your Favorite Product Humboldt Made offers a wide selection of locally-created foods, sauces, and beverages in beautiful redwood crates from the Humboldt area. The best way to start getting ready for your dinner party is to plan your menu! Choose any of the Humboldt Made crates packed full of the delicious ingredients that are the perfect item to start planning your meal around. For an outdoor barbeque farm to table dinner, use the Humboldt Made Sauce Tray that offers 6 different types of sauces to use on your meal. Use just one or surprise and delight your guests by providing a this large selection of sauces for them on the dinner table! 

Start off the night the right way by offering your dinner guests sometime to stave away the hunger but also keep them asking for more. The Taste of Humboldt Crate comes filled with appetizers such as crostini and jam to keep their bellies full (but not full enough) until dinner is served. Pro-tip: This is also the perfect time to break out a few bottles of locally-sourced wine, beer, or other beverages to keep everyone feeling happy and full. 

As an aprés dinner treat, the Humboldt Made Coffee, Cookies, and More Crate is a delectable (and delightful) assemblage of sweet treats and flavorful Humboldt Bay coffee that perfectly complements the other. Give your guests another reason to indulge and stay late into the night!

Via Modernize Pick the Perfect Spot.


Humboldt, like all of us at Modernize, are passionate about bringing people together in the places we love most: our homes. Choose a great spot to host your dinner party, like a sprawling and open kitchen to offer enough space for easy and natural conversation or a spontaneous game of charades. Or if the weather permits, make use of whatever outdoor area you have available to you for a long night under the stars with Humboldt and all your loved ones.