Dot's Wonder Pet Products

by Nora Mounce

When asked about her business, Dot’s Products, Jane Arnold doesn’t attribute her success with holistic animal supplements to her master’s degree in biology. Jane believes her love of dogs is her best credential. “This whole life passion, it’s because I love dogs this much,” says Jane. Ten years ago, her love for a particularly dynamic and athletic German Shorthaired Pointer, Dot, inspired Jane to start ordering her own herbal supplements to bolster Dot’s diet. Dot was not ill or elderly, as the recipients of many canines aided by Dot’s Products often are – Dot was like a Tour de France athlete. They called her Dot the Wonder Dog, says Jane, remembering how Dot could practically leap fences. After experimenting with different types of kibble and raw food, Jane saw how Dot needed more. Researching and drawing from her own knowledge of plant medicine, Jane started making nutritional supplements to support Dot’s diet. While purchasing bulk herbs from Humboldt Herbals, the shop’s owner, Julie Caldwell, saw how knowledgeable Jane was on canine wellness. Caldwell told Jane that she wanted to purchase supplements for her own pet. Eventually, Caldwell’s enthusiasm won her over and Dot’s Products was born.

In concert with her love of dogs and lifetime of being a dedicated dog mom, Jane talks about Dot’s Products being natural continuation of a lifetime of knowledge. Growing up, her family rarely visited the doctor, as her parents were both instilled with the lay knowledge of farm life. On one occasion, she remembers her sister having a big splinter embedded deep in her arm. Jane’s father applied a cold, greasy piece of bacon fat and by morning – voila, the splinter popped right out. These kind of early formative lessons shaped her outlook on life that would later inspire Dot’s Products. Jane’s grandfather taught her how to treat both the animals and people in your family, as often doctors were too expensive to afford. Jane says she grew up drinking bone broth long before it was trendy – it’s just what you did. After earning a degree in Zoology from Oklahoma State, Jane came to Humboldt County to complete a Master’s degree in Fisheries Biology from Humboldt State. Working as a field biologist in environmental conservation, she believes that the answers we seek are found in nature. 

One of the most popular supplements Jane creates is the Arthritis Formula, designed to help older dogs and cats with inflammation, hip dysplasia, energy and digestion. With the same core of nutritional supplements contained in Dot’s Wonder Pet Supplement, Jane adds glucosamine, MSM and pine bark extract to ease pain in arthritic pets. Many Humboldt County owners have seen their pet’s mobility improve before their eyes after adding the supplement to daily meals. One customer writes, “My dog used to limp for 3 days after a walk and now limps maybe an hour." Another Dot’s Products devotee writes how her 14-year-old dog won’t eat dinner without a sprinkle of Dot’s arthritis blend, before their evening walk on the beach.

Dot’s Products is one of Humboldt Made’s new members, but joins many other Humboldt businesses that utilize natural, organic products for their raw materials. Jane is excited for the new branding and marketing opportunities afforded by joining Humboldt Made. While still working full-time, Jane says that Dot’s Products keeps her busy, but her passion for helping dogs keeps her committed to growing the business. Dot’s Products can be found locally at Humboldt Herbals, Moonrise Herbs, NorCal Pets, A&L Feed, the North Coast Co-op and Humboldt Pet Supply. For online shopping, more information and to see pictures of Dot the Wonder Dog, visit

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