Six Rivers Brewery & Beer Kissed: Why Pairing Matters

by Megan Wade

It doesn’t take a beer connoisseur to prove beer and food go well together. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to pairing the two. As an amateur beer enthusiast, you don’t want to know what pairs well with foie gras or escargot. You want the straight, simple truth about pairing your favorite beers with your favorite foods. Here at Six Rivers Brewery and at Beer Kissed we’ve set out to do just that; give you an easy, honest guide to bring more depth and enjoyment to two of our favorite things: beer and food.

1. Know that experimenting is “okay”.

In fact, it’s probably your best friend. Trying new beers with different dishes exposes you to a wide range of flavor profiles and helps you determine your preferences.

2. Don’t sell yourself short.

Make sure your beers are cold and your food is well prepared. Serve beers between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit and select wholesome high quality dishes. This will make it easier to differentiate between flavors and aromas.

3. Regions don't dictate pairing.

Just because you’re having Thai food for dinner doesn’t mean you need to drink a Thai Singha. Mexican food isn’t limited to Tecate or Corona either. These beers can go well with the dishes but there are amazing combinations of other beers that will bring your dish to a whole new level. Try stronger and malt forward flavors when dining on spicy fare lighter ales like a Hefeweizens or a Cream ale.

4. Local craft beers add more than just great taste.

Adding a local brew to your meal adds a special kind of satisfaction to your meal. If you buy a locally made beer you’ll have the warm and fuzzies knowing your neighborhood brewery is looking out for your taste buds. She knows what your area likes and is there to satisfy.


5.  Fried, fatty, or greasy needs something that will stand up to it.

Pizza for example, needs a beer that stands up to the acidity in the tomatoes and the fattiness in the cheese. Try an ale or lager. Stouts and porters may be too heavy and a wheat beer will be too light and fruity.

6. Know where you’re headed.

If you are sitting down to a meal with several different pairings begin with the lightest beer first and transition to the darkest. Beginning with the darkest will overwhelm your taste buds; you will not be able to fully experience the subtle notes in a lighter beer.

Beer and food will always be a match made in heaven. Whether, you are looking to take it to the next level or just get the most out of your meal, thoughtful pairing is always a must. Always remember though, you are the expert on your own preferences. No one knows what you like more than you! Get out and try it all, we promise you’ll find a combo that makes your heart sing and mouth water.  

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