Team PacOut takes on the Lost Coast Trail

by Alexander Briseno

It was a long 24 miles and 4 days on the Lost Coast. No cell phone service and no turning back. We experienced mother nature in some of her gnarliest moments, from dealing with winds up of to 36 miles an hour and over 4 inches of rain, to hiking on sand and volleyball-sized rocks, to hard packed foot paths along hillsides and wide open meadows.

The first creek was the only easy one.  After that everything was knee to waist deep, risking getting swept off your feet and getting completely soaked. It’s funny when you go to take a step and you actually get blown back.

This experience shows me that if you put you mind to something you can do it. No matter how bad it is, remember that it can always be worse. It’s easy to take for granted turning on some hot water for a shower or being able to run to the store when needed. It’s nice to be put back in your place and realize that there is so much to be grateful for and to appreciate. Always live life to the fullest! Get outside of your comfort zone and experience what this beautiful life has to offer. I’m so stoked we went. 

Also, big thanks to Daniel Bacio for going dude, and for taking all the photos since my phone met its death in my pocket in a puddle of water.

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