Six Rivers Brewery

by Megan Wade

A brew for every 'tude

Parenting is an art form. You are the unsung hero of near disasters and narrowly escaped temper tantrums. For you, each day brings an onslaught of challenges from your adorable monster. Here at Six Rivers Brewery, we are in your corner. Through years of highly scientific research and development, we have created the perfect beers to get you through your most eventful parenting moments.

1. Weatherman Wheat pairs perfectly with your child’s attempts at becoming the next Warren Buffett. On the rare occasion that Humboldt County decides to approach a temperature greater than 60 degrees, break out the lemonade stands people! As your young one diligently waits for their next customer with a perfectly mixed pitcher of store bought lemonade from 3 summers ago, you crack open a Weatherman Wheat. Served with a lemon slice on the glass, this light, crisp and malt forward cool class of heaven is exactly what you need in your hand while you fervently text any and all able bodied souls to drive past your house and shell out 25 cents for a 2 oz pour of lemonade. Don’t worry though, you’ve got the good stuff hidden in the cooler underneath your child’s first attempt at corporate world domination.

2.  Sasquatch Double IPA provides the perfect escape from dreaded parent-teacher conferences. 80% of the time your kid is an angel. So, on those oh so wonderful parent-teacher conference days, when you get to hear about the other 20%...crack open a ‘squatch. Sitting across from your child’s teacher is a necessary evil, neither the teacher nor you want to be there. You’ve both either heard or said, “*insert name here* is very…er…enthusiastic” at least 10 times, you get it. Open our Sasquatch Double IPA because you’ve made it through middle school flash backs of trips to the principal’s office, or perhaps before…hey, who are we to judge. You, do you.

3. Macadamia Nut Porter goes with mind numbing television.  Its 8:10pm and you’ve already missed the opening moments of Dancing with The Stars, but the kids are finally in bed. Now you and your partner in crime can finally relax. So grab the remote, grab a Macadamia Nut Porter and treat yourself. You made it through another day, celebrate the little things. Our Porter is just what the doctor ordered after a long day, when all you want to do is turn your brain off. The nutty twist on Six Rivers Moonstone Porter not only lends itself to a few hours of mind numbing television but also goes great with Beer Kissed’s Black ‘n Tan cookies. I mean, if you earned a night cap…then go all out! Beer, cookies, and a few moments of tranquility with your loved one…heaven.

4. Hammond Trail Ale for a day with the family.  North California is home to some of the longest stretches of untouched coastline in the world. Spectacular ocean-side bluffs, beaches, rolling hills, and redwood groves are right outside your window. One of the best places to take your family to enjoy our beautiful coastline is Hammond Trail, and what better way to appreciate the trail than with Six Rivers Hammond Trail Ale. This smooth and flavorful ale deserves to be cracked open while you watch the kids play in the surf and the dog chase sand flies. Cheers to Northern California!


5. Chili Pepper Ale pairs with sleep deprivation.  What is sleep? When was the last time you slept 8 hours? Between your partner snoring, bed wetting, nightmares, and the dogs wanting in, then out, then in, and out again you’ve managed to perfect the art of sleep deprivation. For the days when 5 o’clock feels like midnight and you’ve still got dinner to cook, homework to help with, and kids to chase into bed, reach for a Chili Pepper Ale. The secret blend of fresh and fire roasted chilies will give you the kick start you’re looking for.

6. Rosie’s Strawberry Wheat for a week at grandma and grandpa’s house. Dropping the kids at grandma and grandpas for the weekend is like spring break for parents. No stressing because you know your parents can handle it, I mean they raised you and you turned out just fine. When the kids are gone the adults will play! Take a trip to Six Rivers Brewery and toast to your free weekend with their seasonal beer; Rosie’s Strawberry Wheat. It’s a Six Rivers summer staple and always hits the spot. Join the friends you never have time to see anymore out on the deck for corn hole and the sunset. You’ve earned it.

So there you have it, Six Rivers’ battle tested guide to pairing beer and parenting. Remember to always drink, and parent, responsibly…though not always in that order. Cheers!