Welcoming TotMocs Snuggles

What better time to introduce the newest member of the TotMocs family!  As the days begin to shorten and the cool nights turn our thoughts toward warm fires, hot drinks and cozy, warm layers, we also think about how to keep our little ones protected from the elements. Our feet tend to be the first thing that gets cold if left exposed. So lets bundle them up and keep the cold at bay this winter.   Your little one will certainly appreciate it!

TotMocs is introducing a new deer hide baby moccasin lined with fleece. It's hard to get cozier than that. TotMocs Snuggles eliminate the need for laces. These little moccasins take it to the next level including an elastic closure with an adjustable cinch so you can make them fit just right. These baby moccasins are a charm to keep on those squirmy toes and they're easy to get in and out of.

As with all of our leather TotMocs, these shoes will stretch with the foot as it grows which makes for fewer shoes that you have to buy. These little shoes could last you all the way until the snow melts!  For winter time wetness TotMocs are best for indoor wear.  However, they can be weather proofed with a water repellent for outdoor use.  TotMocs Moccasins also make great holiday gifts for the little ones you love. For more information check out our FAQ or TotMocs Online store.

While summers warm days and long nights will be missed I am excited for the cozy nights all cuddled up sewing moccasins  in front of our fireplace. 


TotMocs Baby Moccasins






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