Partnership With Eureka Natural Foods


Written By Alanna Powell

We here at Humboldt Made are so excited to announce our new collaboration with Eureka Natural Foods! With locations in both Eureka and McKinleyville, Eureka Natural Foods is quickly becoming the primary grocery store for many of us in Humboldt. Through this collaboration, we hope to expand the reach of our member's brands and to show that Humboldt Made is synonymous with quality. Following is a warm welcome from Eureka Natural Food's marketing director Tyson Ritter.

"You might say about Humboldt county that you don’t have to be crazy to live here, but it helps. And if you should be a little crazy to live here, you’d really have to be nuts to run a business here. We, of course, don’t see it that way. In fact, we believe that the people of Humboldt are ahead of the curve. We know the value of clean air and water, the benefits of living in one of the most scenic places on earth. We know the importance, of eating locally produced, clean and healthy food. 
That’s why we partnered with Humboldt Made. To further indicate our commitment to these values and that when good local products succeed we all win. 
It is now easier than ever to find Humboldt Made products in our stores as we have placed them up front and center. They’re also clearly marked wherever else they exist in our stores. We use Humboldt Made products in our kitchens to create some of our signature dishes. These changes help to highlight the contributions of local vendors to our store and to help customers quickly find and identify Humboldt Made products.
We want to invite Humboldt Made members to sign up, through Humboldt Made, for in-store demonstration and sampling of their products. Whether you want to show up yourself or enlist one of our talented demo people, we want customers to try your foods and we want everyone to think local whenever possible. We would also like to feature videos and written stories/interviews on our website and Facebook pages. We invite Humboldt made vendors to submit material for our Facebook, Website and monthly 12-page flyer. We also, want vendors to pitch us ideas! We love doing things a little out of the ordinary, which is another reason we love Humboldt, and Humboldt Made. You’re all nothing short of Extraordinary." 

You can find the sign-up sheet for demos on our website in the Member Corner! Tastings will take place on Thursdays at both locations. If you have any questions regarding this opportunity please email us at