Member Spotlight: Cacao Cocoon

Elissa Verdillo always had a love for the powers of cacao and plant-based
medicine. She spent many years immersing herself in the study of cacao and other sacred plants in Mexico and is delighted to now have the pleasure of offering her knowledge and love gained through this experience to the people of the world. The form that this love has
taken, is a chocolate that simply touches peoples souls.


Cacao Cocoon Chocolate is made with organic “Arriba Nacional” cacao from
Ecuador, considered to be of the top 5% of cacao in the world. The silky sweetness comes from pure U.S. honey, wild-foraged by bees, including the ones right in our backyard. To further enhance your experience, ground vanilla bean and Himalayan crystal salt are added. The result is a chocolate with a distinctly complex, yet comforting flavor, and unmatched quality. Go ahead, give yourself the best, you deserve it, then give your best to the world.


Living in poverty in Palenque Chiapas Mexico, studying the biodiversity of cacao and other native plants, Elissa began to experiment with making a tempered chocolate with honey. When her daughter’s first word was “Cacao”, she knew she had found a calling for her family. About this experience, Elissa says, "We are all Messengers if we just listen closely."

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You can find Cacao Cocoon at Eureka Natural Foods, North Coast Coop, Wildberries, Murphy's, North Town Coffee, Moonrise Herbs, Chautaqua natural foods, Ukiah Coop, Bella baskets, and Piersons.

When asked why Humboldt, Elissa responded: “It's a sacred place and an honor.” We couldn’t agree more.