Member Spotlight: Humboldt Bay Social Club

Today we are taking a look at one of Humboldt’s newest and most exciting business, the Humboldt Bay Social Club. Located just south of Arcata in Somoa, this beautiful event space delivers a destination for tourists and locals alike to enjoy delicious food, tasty drinks, and great times.


The Humboldt Bay Social Club offers exquisite, cozy rentals at Oyster Beach and Samoa Field, along with the one-of-a-kind venue Lobby Bar. The bar at Samoa Field is open to the public every day from 4 pm, and sells Humboldt Bay oysters by the bag, picnic meals, beers and wine by the bucket, and charcoal and grilling supplies "to go."  Guests are welcome to use the outdoor picnic area to grill their own oysters, play bocce and cornhole, or just relax in Adirondack chairs and enjoy the view of the dunes.  The Lobby Bar also serves select craft cocktails.


Today we are speaking with owner Amy Cirincione O'Connor, who along with her husband Jon O’Connor, have created this unique place.

When did you open? May 2017

How did you get into your line of work? My husband, Jon, tricked me into it. When we first met, I was a full-time social worker and he was a small business owner. Gradually, we started working on design-build projects together. At some point I realized we were business partners. We both run the aspects of our business that suit our interests and strengths.

What are you most proud of? We love creating a welcoming space for locals and visitors. My favorite moments are watching our guests interact with locals- getting recommendations for places to eat or visit, asking questions about the region, or just watching their dogs and kids play together.

Where can we find you? We are located at the end of the Samoa Peninsula. Our vacation rental cabins are located at 865 New Navy Base Rd, and our hotel suites, event Hanger and Lobby Bar are located across the street at 9009 New Navy Base Rd.

Finally, we asked Amy, why Humboldt? Humboldt has incredible coastlines and redwoods, but what gets me excited about living here is the community of makers, artists, and activists. There is so much creativity here, and such a culture of collaboration and co-creation.