Wrangletown Cider named finalist for 2019 Good Food Award

Today we proud recognize our member Wrangletown Cider for being nominated for the 2019 Good Food Awards. The prestigious awards are given to food and drink companies who demonstrate a commitment to environmental and social excellence. Wrangletown’s Feisty Dog Orchard is the particular cider turning heads due to owner/cider maker Pat Knittel’s commitment to ethical business practices, and the cider’s delicious taste.

With over 2000 entries each year, craft food and beverage makers from across the country put their very best forward to compete. Categories include cider, wine, beer, cheese, chocolate, coffee and more. Products must first pass a blind taste test, and if deemed tasty enough then go on through substantial sustainability vetting. According to Good Foods, this years finalists, “embody what it means to be good global citizens, eschewing carbon-emitting fertilizers and pesticides, favoring practices that build soil health and sourcing local ingredients with low transportation-related carbon footprints.” So how does Humboldt’s Wrangletown Cider achieve this?

Fiesty Dog orchard

It all comes down to the sourcing of apples from local farmers who practice sustainable agricultural practices. One such farm is Fiesty Dog Orchard, located in Redcrest. Fiesty Dog Orchard uses organic practices and never sprays trees with pesticides, meaning Knittel can be sure every apple she gets is done right from the start. She also uses less visually appealing apples, stating, “I don’t need picture perfect produce. They make the same juices and aren’t nutritionally different. Plus, it’s creating more income out of something that would have just gone to the compost pile.” Knittel has an incredible wealth of experience in the wine making industry, and has translated that knowledge into quality cider at an affordable price.

Winner’s of the award will be announced on January 11th in San Francisco, at the Good Foods Award ceremony. We hope Wrangletown can join fellow Humboldt Made members Dick Taylor Chocolate’s and Alchemy Distillery as winners of this award in excellence. Join us in rooting on Feisty Dog, and head over to Wrangletown’s website to check out some great cider!