Member Spotlight: Muddy Waters Coffee Company


100% Fair Trade & Organic Micro Roasted Coffee Company.  Located In Humboldt County, CA.  Roasted in small batches and hand packed Daily.

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Muddy Waters Coffee Company has been providing delicious coffee since 1988. Today we are lucky to have owner and master roaster Chris Nichols with us to share how he got started in the coffee business, and what makes Muddy Waters continue to have success in such a competitive market.

First off, why Humboldt?

“I Moved to Humboldt in 1998 to attend HSU where I received a bachelors degree in Art Studio. Other than that, I’ve always loved it here, I could never imagine living in the city again.”

So when did you get interested in working with coffee?

“I've worked in coffee since I was 17. First at Peet's Coffee in Palo Alto, CA. Then Muddy Waters from 1999 to 2006, while attending HSU.”

What has been the biggest challenge for your business?

“New customers and growth. There are a lot of coffee roasters around here!”


Chris took over in 2006, and one way Muddy Waters deals with this tough competition is by providing 100% organic, fair trade coffee and providing exceptional customer service. All coffee ordered online is delivered same-day or next-day shipping, despite the fact that Chris roasts every single bag himself within 48 hours of the coffee going out. This commitment helps, “ensure the quality and freshness of every order.”

What are you most proud of Chris?

“Maintaining and running a locally owned business for 12 years. We have grown every year since I took over. I couldn't do it without my right-hand man Jason Coyle. Together we are the entire company. We started Rescue Roasts this year together, A wholesale coffee company that donates 5% to local rescues and shelters.”

Where can we find your coffee?

“Murphys, Safeway, co-op's , Eureka natural foods, Wildberries, St Joe’s Hospital , Redwood Memorial Hospital, Mad River Hospital, HSU the depot, CR dining, Blue Lake Casino, Lost Coast Brewery, Mad River Brewery, and many more.”

Head to any of these locations or the official Muddy Waters website to get some delicious coffee!