Member Spotlight: Papa and Barkley

“Papa and Barkley was founded in 2015 when our founder, Adam, was working on finding a product to heal his father’s debilitating back pain.  After conventional treatments failed, he researched and created a surprisingly effective cannabis-based pain relief balm in his father’s kitchen.”


Papa and Barkley is a wellness company based out of Arcata, California. Creating world class relief balms, oils, tinctures, oils, soaks and more this Humboldt County business is helping people live their best lives possible. Harnessing the powerful healing properties found in cannabis, this nationally recognized company is combining the latest scientific research on cannabis with a authentic desire to help others. Olivia Santangini is here to tell us more.


Where can we find your products?

“We are in about 90% of dispensaries in the state now. We have a store locator on our website that is user friendly.

What has been the biggest challenge for your business?”

“Compliance and Testing. We are staying ahead of the game but it is constantly changing everyday and waiting on testing to get back has been a challenge.”

What are you most proud of?

“Hearing patient stories about how our products have changed their lives for the better. Healing people is our motivation.”

Finally, why Humboldt?

“Humboldt is where the best sun grown cannabis is and what we believe as a company gives our products the best high cannabinoid content.”

This is not your average cannabis company. Papa and Barkley’s commitment to a science based approach is a instrumental part of what makes them a leader in today’s modern cannabis landscape. We believe in nature and science. That’s why we work with industry researchers, scientists, and medical professionals to fully realize the potential of the plant”. Head on over to Papa and Barkley’s website to see their long list of products, numerous testimonials from consumers, and learn more about this innovative wellness company!