Member Spotlight: Six Rivers Brewery celebrates 15 year anniversary

Six Rivers Brewery invites you to come celebrate their 15 year anniversary this Sunday for St. Patrick’s day. Delicious food, awesome music, and green glitter beer will all be on hand as fifteen years of brewing excellence are recognized.


In recognition of their success over these past 15 years, co-owners Talia Clare and Meredith Maier told us the background on how Six Rivers Brewery started. The success and inspiration behind all the hard work it takes to deliver an excellent experience to food and beer lovers alike does Humboldt County proud. In 2004 they were good friends working in the food industry in Humboldt. Meredith’s grandfather had always wanted to start a bar, and in remembrance of him, she decided to draw up a business plan one day for a brewery. Talia saw it and said, “let’s go”.

So how did Six Rivers Brewery start?

“We started when we were young, and sat down one day asking are we gonna do this? Decided right then and there that we would go for it.”

What has been your biggest challenge?

“Doing business in Humboldt has its own economic micro-climate, which provides its own unique challenges. We have never had super large investors, so it has always been a hustle. It took us ten years to have a three week vacation.”

This incredible work ethic is shown in their commitment to providing excellent customer service in a great atmosphere.

We are all about service, giving the whole experience is super key to us, we want to keep the service going. Talia has done a great job of cultivating a “cheers” mentality, we know your names.”


What are you most proud of?

“We feel proud every single day that the lights are on, seeing people’s happy faces, being able to incorporate local products and businesses and giving back to the local community through events and donations”

One such event is the 15 year St. Patrick’s day celebration, where fellow Humboldt Made members Cypress Grove, Kind Jerky, Diane’s Sweet Heat, Natural Decadence, and Beck’s Bakery will all be providing goods to enjoy. Talia and Meredith have a commitment to working with other local businesses, which was on full display for International Women’s day as well. Brew-masters from several local businesses (all women) celebrated the day together collaborating on projects and enjoying one another’s company.

“We came into the industry with no ego, which has helped us cultivate great relationships. We don’t see other breweries as competition but like-minded individuals.”


“Come celebrate with us!”