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Member Spotlight: Redwood Curtain

Redwood Curtain Brewing Company produces close to 2,000 barrels of handcrafted artisinal ales a year. Founded in 2010 by Drake and Amanda Mollberg, “premium domestic and imported malts and hops, Humboldt County water, and unique yeast strains” come together to create authentic ales and lagers for beer lovers of all types. Drake and Amanda are here to tell us more.

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Member Spotlight: Pacific Flake Salt

Pacific Flake is a culinary sea salt harvestry, creating flake sea salt using a slow cook method, hand harvested from the cold and pure waters of Northern California. 

Their passion for health and for eliminating toxins from the body led to the creation of this pure artisan sea salt, made from a living ocean with all the natural minerals and elements contained therein. THE PACIFIC.

Pinch and sprinkle the light crisp salt flakes onto any cuisine to create the perfect dish. Formed by fire evaporation and hand harvested at just the right time . THE FLAKE.

Today we are catching up with owner, Bryon Duty.

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