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Member Spotlight: Redwood Curtain

Redwood Curtain Brewing Company produces close to 2,000 barrels of handcrafted artisinal ales a year. Founded in 2010 by Drake and Amanda Mollberg, “premium domestic and imported malts and hops, Humboldt County water, and unique yeast strains” come together to create authentic ales and lagers for beer lovers of all types. Drake and Amanda are here to tell us more.

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Member Spotlight: Kinetic Koffee

Kinetic Koffee is a local small batch artisanal coffee roaster operating for the past 15 years. 100% organic, they purchase shade grown coffee and practice fair trade purchasing. This commitment to ethical business practices leads them to purchasing from growers that are principally owned by women and families from areas where coffee is helping to grow economic stability for locals.

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