Wrangletown Cider named finalist for 2019 Good Food Award

Today we proud recognize our member Wrangletown Cider for being nominated for the 2019 Good Food Awards. The prestigious awards are given to food and drink companies who demonstrate a commitment to environmental and social excellence. Wrangletown’s Feisty Dog Orchard is the particular cider turning heads due to owner/cider maker Pat Knittel’s commitment to ethical business practices, and the cider’s delicious taste.

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Member Spotlight: Humboldt Bay Social Club

The Humboldt Bay Social Club offers exquisite, cozy rentals at Oyster Beach and Samoa Field, along with the amazing Lobby Bar. The bar at Samoa Field is open to the public every day from 4 pm, and sells Humboldt Bay oysters by the bag, picnic meals, beers and wine by the bucket, and charcoal and grilling supplies "to go."  Guests are welcome to use our outdoor picnic area to grill their own oysters, play bocce and cornhole, or just relax in Adirondack chairs and enjoy the view of the dunes.

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Member Spotlight: Cacao Cocoon

​Cacao Cocoon Chocolate is made with organic “Arriba Nacional” cacao from
Ecuador, considered to be of the top 5% of cacao in the world. The silky sweetness comes from pure U.S. honey, wild-foraged by bees, including the ones right in our backyard. To further enhance your experience, ground vanilla bean and Himalayan crystal salt are added. The result is a chocolate with a distinctly complex, yet comforting flavor, and unmatched quality. Go ahead, give yourself the best, you deserve it, then give your best to the world.

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Member Spotlight: Kinetic Koffee

Kinetic Koffee is a local small batch artisanal coffee roaster operating for the past 15 years. 100% organic, they purchase shade grown coffee and practice fair trade purchasing. This commitment to ethical business practices leads them to purchasing from growers that are principally owned by women and families from areas where coffee is helping to grow economic stability for locals.

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Member Spotlight: Pacific Flake Salt

Pacific Flake is a culinary sea salt harvestry, creating flake sea salt using a slow cook method, hand harvested from the cold and pure waters of Northern California. 

Their passion for health and for eliminating toxins from the body led to the creation of this pure artisan sea salt, made from a living ocean with all the natural minerals and elements contained therein. THE PACIFIC.

Pinch and sprinkle the light crisp salt flakes onto any cuisine to create the perfect dish. Formed by fire evaporation and hand harvested at just the right time . THE FLAKE.

Today we are catching up with owner, Bryon Duty.

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