Planet Teas

The recipe for the Original Spicy Planet Chai was developed in 1999, when a Humboldt-based foodie began searching for an outstanding chai tea to serve in a local cafe, and was unsatisfied with the aseptically packaged, commercial chai concentrates that were available. Voila - Planet Chai was born! Since then, Planet Teas has grown, yet remains committed to hand-crafting the highest quality tea concentrates in small batches, free from preservatives and GMOs as well as any artificial colorings or flavorings. Featuring fresh pressed ginger, organic teas, and delectable spices, our chai and thai teas have unmatched flavor. Find our products in Northern California and Southern Oregon and taste the difference yourself!

Dorje Kirsten, owner of Planet Teas, is a Tea Master, certified by the International Tea Masters Association. He is intimately involved with all aspects of our teas - from careful selection of the finest organic teas to developing precise recipes for our premium concentrates.