Thankful Earth Herbs

My path with herbal medicine began with a fateful tumble down a dusty hill at a music festival, a tumble so bad that I sprained my foot and had to remain on crutches throughout the weekend; however, through discomfort came my life’s calling as a dear friend and fellow herbalist gave me some arnica oil to heal my foot and seemingly, overnight, the swelling had decreased by twice the size, thus introducing me to the magic of plants and sparking an interest to know them intimately. Three years and many moons later, Thankful Earth Herbs and Apothecary was founded. Most of the medicine is grown on the land I rest my head upon – a lovely little homestead along the Eel River - by myself and my beloved husband, Iain. We use only organic and non-GMO materials and cultivation techniques, and are also incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so much wild medicine as well – fields of mugwort, oats, and wild roses to name a few, ethically wildcrafting these precious plants and only taking what we need. This apothecary’s intention and passionate purpose is empowering the healer within, so that those whom wish to seek it may educate their minds, nourish their souls, and heal their bodies with Mother Nature’s abundant medicine chest– and through their discovery, spread the knowledge they have found to their family, friends and community. I firmly believe that to know how to holistically heal yourself is your birthright and I am forever grateful to my teachers, the plants, for sharing their gifts with me.


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