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Five Photos To Make Your Halloween a Little Sweeter

There are some universal truths about the season of goblins and ghouls that big candy companies don't want you to think about. The first is that the whole urban legend of razor blades in candy apples is just that--an urban legend. A myth with fewer than five substantiated cases to actually justify bans on "unwrapped" or handmade treats for trick-or-treaters. The second is that good chocolate--real chocolate--doesn't last long, and it shouldn't have to. Your average mass market candy bar is made months in advance of its sale date. How long do you think it's going to last in your little goblin's trick or treat bag? Not long at all. So why not go quality? Why not go with a local Humboldt Made company whose artisan chocolates are made to be eaten, not sit on a shelf? Why not go with Drakes Glen?

A Cornucopia of Cucumbers

With the imminent arrival of this week's rain (hooray!), it was time last weekend to pull the remaining cucumber and squash vines. Six acorn squash revealed themselves (of which more in another post - they keep!), along with a dozen English cucumbers and half-a-dozen lemon cucumbers. That's a lot to deal with for a vegetable that doesn't store well.

Fortunately, these cucumbers are surprisingly versatile - even for me, who's not a fan of pickled foods. So I came up with these two recipes, with which I toast the end of summer.

Boujie Baking Goes Big

We stopped by to talk to Cassie Forrington at Boujie Baking Company yesterday only to find out she had just finished an interview with Jodie Marynowski at JB Maryn Gift Concierge. JB Maryn is featuring Boujie in this month's spotlight gift crate. Rather than repeat Jodie's excellent interview, we're linking to it here. And below is a list of everything we love about Forrington's unique culinary venture. If it doesn't get your mouth watering and your finger's a tip-tapping away to find some Boujie, you must be made of stone.

A Documentary of Place for Humboldt County?

I love the whole concept of theatre of place and its Humboldtian incarnation at Dell’Arte International. Mary Jane the Musical (hereinafter referred to as MJM for the sake of my fingers) is perhaps the finest embodiment of that concept, which appeared in its first iteration at the 2011 Mad River Festival.


Joan Schirle as ‘Mary Jane’. Dell’Arte International, 2012. Photo by Sargon Bacchus

Happy Birthday Beck's Bakery!

Two years ago today, Rhonda Weidenbeck sold her first loaves of bread to Luke Patterson, owner of local restaurants Luke's Joint and The Other Place. She said Luke and other local business owners have been instrumental in her success. Those two small loaves were the start of something big.


That's Humboldt...

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