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Humboldt Made Holiday Guide

Wondering where to get your Humboldt Made holiday gifts this year? Worry no more! Here's a list of all the upcoming events where you can find your favorite products!

Monday, December 22nd

Tulip invites everyone to finish up their holiday shopping at their open house!

Mad River Brewing Company Tasting, Wildberries Marketplace

Looking for a last minute gift? A six pack of craft beer is a no-brainer. Come down to Wildberries to Taste the Madness! Free beer! 4:30 pm-6pm.

Humboldt Distillery: Holiday Spirits


The smell is the first thing that hits you when you walk onto Humboldt Distillery's factory floor. Each square foot has a distinct aroma. Malt. Hops. Fermenting fruit. The punch of pure alcohol. Today Abe Stevens is making rum, and in the background you can hear the sibilant, omnipresent hiss of a pot still.


Stevens, who has a background in chemistry and real estate, says that the process is not "especially complicated."


"People have been distilling for hundreds of years," he says, “It's not that hard.”

Six Rivers Rising


Location is important, but it's not enough. Good food is important, but it's not enough. Entertainment and a good atmosphere will bring the crowds, but it's not enough. Great beer? Really, really great beer that people want to take home or give to their friends? Yeah, that might be enough. But in Humboldt we go big: Six Rivers Brewery has it all.

An Artful December in Humboldt

December is always a good Arts Alive! Month, and this year was no exception. Even though I had only 90 minutes instead of my usual three hours to savor the visual delights on show in Eureka last Saturday (I was on “local author” signing duty for Locally Delicious at Eureka Books for the latter half of the evening), I still managed to see some pretty amazing art. The seasonal window display at Eureka Books is also neat – Christmas trees made from the pages of books (note: no great works of art were harmed in the creation of these trees).

Natural Inclinations

First up – Morris Graves Museum of Art, where the annual members’ show is on display, along with Natural Inclinations: Marks & Mutations, an intriguing show featuring Susan Belau, Timothea Campbell, Barbara Foster, and Cherie Raciti. These artists are linked by their collective regard for the seeming irregularity and fragmentation of nature and the built environment, bringing together process and content, creating marks, shapes, and space that materialize in layers of meaning – and layers of artwork – of the re-imagined natural world and observed environment. The materials used in this show were deeply fascinating – it was hard to tell where one layer ended and another began.


That's Humboldt...

Home of the bay that provides two-thirds of California's oysters