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“Reducing” Our Way to Zero Waste

In honor of Earth Day, Humboldt Made is reprinting articles originally written for EcoNews by Margaret Gainer of Zero Waste Humboldt. Besides being an excellent writer and valued Humboldt Made supporter, Gainer has a talent for looking at the big picture when it comes to sustainable solutions and explaining that big picture in an engaging, accessible way. We hope you are inspired by her thoughts on an overhaul of how we handle waste.

“Reducing” Our Way to Zero Waste

Zero Waste Humboldt is a new organization advocating for a reprioritization of public policies and business practices with regard to waste: Reduce- first, Reuse-second, and Recycle/Compost- third.  The current primary focus of local waste management systems is on landfill diversion to comply with state regulations. With success measured by the amount of material diverted from landfills, there is no incentive to conserve natural resources and prevent waste at the source.  For example, it takes 4.3 grams of wood, 4.1 grams of petroleum, and 1.8 grams of chemicals to produce one paper coffee cup.  Our current recycling and composting efforts concentrate on keeping that cup out of the landfill, not on preventing its production in the first place.

When Wood Meets Concrete

Humboldt County has more artists per capita than anywhere else in California. It's not surprising that they often collaborate to produce some astounding things. Anyone who thinks that concrete has to be ugly can have their head turned and mind changed by Jona Kavanaugh's work at Monument Settings. While Kavanaugh is well known for his durable yet lovely outdoor furniture made from custom-molded concrete, he has also expanded into smaller pieces like the ones below. These came out of a collaboration with local woodworker Vance Balter, and are for sale at Humboldt Hardware. Vance carved the model to create the mold, Jona poured the concrete. The result is these unique and beautiful little sculptures, a small taste of the sea as created by two artisans collaborating in the service of beauty.

Coming Soon: Boldt Bourbon!

Big news--Alchemy Distillery met their Kickstarter goal! Here's an interview we did with them just before they got the good news. Read on for information about how Arcata's first distillery is going to rock your world!

Summer is coming! Where's the best place to hang out? 

We are huge fans of the Humboldt Crabs baseball games so you'll often find us there!  We also love to hop on our Harley and hit the road.  Even if it is a day trip. There are so many wonderful places to explore around Humboldt. Petrolia is one of our favorite rides.

5 (plus 1) ways to improve your Humboldt Made pizza.

Making your own pizza at home is not only tastier and less expensive than buying pizza, it can also be a lot healthier.  Making pizza is not a difficult process.  Use these 5 tips to improve pizza night at your house.

New Name; Old Favorite: Southside Mike's BBQ Sauce

I would like to reintroduce to you kind folks to an old favorite of mine that you might know as Calhoun’s. It is a local sauce that I have absolutely loved from first taste. If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, that is okay because this saucy treat now goes by a new name, one that is a little more descriptive: Southside Mike’s BBQ.


That's Humboldt...

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