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From owner, Marni:

"After retiring from Counseling, my husband and I had the opportunity to start a pet supply store that was consistent with our environmental values, our love of animals, and our commitment to our beloved community. We created a sweet smelling beautiful store with a knowledgeable, kindhearted, charming staff that will offer you a fabulous cup of coffee as they do their level best to assist you.
"For decades Humboldt County has drawn people with an innovative, holistic way of life and culture which has cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit. Many businesses have originated from humble garages and sheds to become wildly successful. Humboldt is also rich in organic produce, organic dairies, grass-fed beef, organic poultry and organic wines and beers, which support a thriving Farmers Market.  Many of these businesses are well established, family owned and operated.
A wonderful gift to me is how deeply touched I have been by the open-hearted, unabashed love of animals demonstrated by the people who have come into our shop. Their transparent generosity of spirit are conveyed in their sweet stories and lit up faces that have made the shop my own personal Shangri-La. The good will and kindness our furry ‘Ambassadors of Love” inspire, give me hope and confirms my faith that love can prevail.

Stop by their store on South G Street in Arcata to see their wonderful selection of natural and sustainable pet supplies.


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