Eel River Organic Beef

Clint Victorine, a native of the bountiful Eel River Valley in Northern California, began raising beef while in High School. As an active member of Future Farmers Of America (FFA), and then continuing his education at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo CA., Clint majored in Ag Business. After graduation in 1996 he pursued his interest and passion in the beef cattle industry.
Victorine Livestock was later formed, consisting of a commercial cow calf and commercial stocker cattle operation. Then in 2000 Clint started finishing cattle on grass for Eel River Brewing Company, a local brew pub. As their business grew they eventually went organic with their variety of beers and the owner convinced Clint that organic was the right move to make. Eel River Organic Beef, a subsidiary of Victorine Livestock was formed. You know how beef is supposed to taste… rich, bold and meaty with a clean flavor that satisfies with every bite. Our customers continue to tell us that they love the hearty taste of our beef, and it never feels heavy. While grain-fed beef can leave you feeling uncomfortably full due to the high fat content, Eel River Organic Beef naturally has less fat because our cattle have grazed on grass their entire lives.