Humboldt Craft Spirits

“Certified Craft”™ spirits are the products of an independently-owned distillery with maximum annual sales of 52,000 cases where the product is PHYSICALLY distilled and bottled on-site. This term is important in the craft distilling world because there are many ways to shortcut the raw material to finished spirits process. “Merchant Producers” can purchase finished whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, or any other spirit type and mislead consumers that they “made” their product. There are a variety of descriptions that can be slapped on a label, including, “Distilled by,” “Bottled by,” “Manufactured by,” or “Produced by,” and any combination of these.

We have, from day one, believed in the “Certified Craft”™, or “Grain to Glass” process. While the global spirits industry continues to focus on large volume, marketing, conformity and market share, we are passionately committed to creating authentic small batch spirits of exceptional quality and uniqueness.  We believe in being honest with our customers about our products and our process.  Our spirits are hand crafted for those customers who care where, why, and how a product is made and can taste the difference.  Our goal is to produce unique, world class spirits via a “Certified Craft” process that fully embraces the rich American distilling traditions as well as the successful entrepreneurial culture here in Humboldt County.