Roots & Bones

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Root & Bones is dedicated to using high quality well-sourced plant substances in order to bring health, well-being and joy to whomever uses them. These potent medicinal plants are well researched and have the ability to change our overall health and consciousness in a profound holistic way.

Root & Bones is here to support you in your wellness revolution. Based on traditional herbal wisdom, our products are dedicated to transforming your perception of health. We want to share with you the best that nature has to offer. We believe that vibrance and vitality are possible through the choices you make every day.

The name Root & Bones is derived from traditional Chinese healing practices. Medicinal roots have long been utilized and revered within Chinese Medicine. Bones represent our deepest inner health, our core. Hence, Root & Bones aims to encompass one's overall health in a holistic way from our bones to our roots.