Tulip Perfume

The creation of Tulip fragrances is deeply rooted in one woman’s life long obsession with perfume. Fascinated with a scent’s innate power to transport her to some nostalgic, magical place, Victoria England began curating her own scent blends in the early 1990’s at the tender age of 14. A trip to the local scent bar in Berkeley, CA would be the highlight of her week. There she would take whatever money she had and experiment with countless combinations. It was there she curated a scent blend of vanilla and amber that today remains a Tulip Top Seller – Amber Vanilla Bean. This hobby of hers grew with her into adulthood. In 2007, Tulip bloomed into a business. The unique fragrances she offers today are a cultivated collection of treasured memories.  She offers you a diverse assortment of scents in hopes that they too will invoke your sweetest memories.